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Recursos Humanos

At Confiducia we don’t do Human Resources management but payroll and related administrative services, once we believe that HR management is part of companies DNA so must be performed indoor.

Delegating payroll management to Confiducia, you cut costs, make your structures more flexible, attain high levels of service and as consequence, increase your competitiveness.


Payroll Basic


Consists in basic HR administrative management services, mostly concerned with payroll/salary processing and compliance with related legal declarative requirements.


  • Organizations that do not internally have the necessary skills to do salary processing or to ensure compliance with all the related legal declarative requirements.
  • Organizations that prefer to delegate this support process to trustworthy professionals while they focus their attention on their business itself.


  • Informing official bodies when new employees are hired or when contracts are terminated (this does not include legalization of foreign employees);
  • Maintenance of personnel files in electronic format;
  • Salary processing and issue of salary receipts;
  • Calculation of amount to pay on hiring and terminating contract;
  • Monthly issue of summary tables of salary processing;
  • Monthly issue of bank transfer tables for payment of employees;
  • Monthly dispatch of salary declaration to Social Security and informing of the amount owed for the Single Social Tax (social security payment);
  • Monthly dispatch of Monthly Salary Declaration with information about income from work for each employee, as required by law;
  • Issue of annual declaration of income for each employee;
  • Issue of salary table for insurance company for the purposes of workplace accident insurance;
  • Completion of annual Single Report (separate estimate given);
  • Preparation of management reports and replies to human resources questionnaires (separate estimate given).


Payroll Plus


Plus package consists of a wider range of management and HR services, mostly concerned with salary processing and compliance with related legal requirements, monitoring of deadlines and time limits to do with holidays, fixed-term contracts and training management, monitoring of requirements relating to workplace medicine and acting as intermediary with external partners.


  • Organizations that are not able internally to identify, manage and comply with requirements relating to administrative management of human resources;
  • Organizations that wish to delegate this process of support to trustworthy professionals so they can focus entirely on their business.


In addition to the basic services, we provide these value added services related to the administrative management of human resources:

  • Monitoring compliance with legal requirements relating to employees´ holidays;
  • Monitoring compliance with legal deadlines for hiring and terminating workers with individual fixed-term contracts;
  • Monitoring compliance with legal requirements relating to professional training;
  • Monitoring compliance with requirements relating to workplace medicine, including medical examination on hiring, regular and occasional medical examinations;
  • Support in replying to statistical enquiries from official bodies;
  • Acting as intermediaries with client´s external partners (Health and Safety, Workplace insurance, lawyers and financial consultants, amongst others).

Services not included

  • Preparation and handling of disciplinary processes;
  • Technical-legal reports;
  • Labour, tax, civil or criminal litigation;
  • Drafting work contracts, other agreements, complaints and other communications to do with labour issues.

However, these services can be provided through external partners, via an intermediary system, whenever requested by the client.

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