Deixe-se focar no seu trabalho enquanto gerimos a contabilidade por si

Start Ups

CONFIDUCA is aware of entrepreneurs’ doubts and problems and is prepared to guide, advice and support them in the company creation and in its life steps, by:

  1. Choosing the best business model and options
  2. Creating the company and making legal registers
  3. Taking care of all administrative, financial, tax and accounting tasks
  4. Monitoring and taking care of tax, legal and statutory tasks and demands/obligations
  5. Building reports to bring investors and raising funding to the business
  6. Advise about the best way to raise funding to the business, provide due reports to bring new investors or raise funding
  7. Follow up of the business pointing to its needs and achievements

Give entrepreneur all support so he/she can be totally focus on its core business, without distractions.

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