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In order to optimize tax efficiency and the profitability of your company, Confiducia is qualified in the different areas and branches of taxation.

Estimates of taxes on profits (Corporation Tax)
We ascertain the corrections to the net accounting result, such as non-deductible costs, various tax benefits and asset variations not shown in the accounting result.
We ensure that our clients benefit from the opportunities that appropriate planning can bring, and they align tax strategy to the state of the company.

Tabulation of Deferred Taxes
We ascertain the temporary differences between the accounting result and the tax result in order to establish when necessary the amount of deferred tax that should appear in the financial statements.

Regime covering payments to non-residents
In this case, we guarantee our clients compliance with tax requirements regarding deduction at source in payments made to non-resident entities, in order to avoid tax risks.

Restructuring operations
We analyze the taxation consequences in restructuring operations, in the case of all the relevant taxes, to ensure compliance with the tax requirements in question.

Dealing with Stamp Duty
We guarantee the correct approach to all the procedures relating to this tax.

Procedures relating to VAT
We check and guarantee that all appropriate procedures are followed regarding VAT. We use the right methods to recover VAT, and we set out the procedures for reverse charging.

Identifying opportunities for greater tax efficiency
Our team of professionals, with their experience and expertise, evaluate all the opportunities for tax efficiency and inform their clients so they can take appropriate measures.


Regarding tax advice and consultancy we offer the following array of services and solutions:

  • The scope of our solutions in this area include:
  • Provision of outsourcing services for tax
  • Regular consultancy and tax monitoring
  • Checking tax declarations
  • Support and monitoring in the case of tax inspections
  • Representation in non-contentious tax procedures
  • Tabulation and tax estimate at close of accounts
  • Setting up of salary table
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